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video: Animation Circulair Design

(On-screen title: Circular design. 3 strategies. An animation.)

VOICE-OVER: For a clean and liveable planet for ourselves and future generations, we aim to achieve circular working.
That way, products, their components and raw materials retain a high value
and are reused as much as possible.
The Netherlands has the ambition to use 50 per cent fewer primary raw materials by 2030.
This can be achieved through circular design.
How do you ensure that products retain their value, even after they have been discarded?
There are three important design strategies.

(On-screen text: Design strategy 1: Focus on long lifespan.)

Products with a long life span do not need to be replaced so often.
This saves on raw materials.
Focus during development on quality, reuse, reparability and ease of maintenance,
but importantly, also product attachment and trust,
so that your product is not just long-lasting
but people want to use it as long as possible.

(On-screen text: Design strategy 2: Close the loop.)

If you factor in refurbishment and recycling at the design stage,
it's easier to close the loop.
What's important is being able to separate materials easily
and then reuse them for the same or a new product.

(On-screen text: Design strategy 3: Choose sustainable materials.)

When you choose recycled materials,
you reduce the demand for primary raw materials.
Also, make sure you choose safe materials,
materials with no adverse effect on humans and nature
when discarded and reused.
In short, design products with a long life span
which are easy to repair and maintain and choose sustainable materials.
Try it and be innovative, to close the loop.
The possibilities are greater than you think.

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