On the road towards circular textiles. Road map for the Dutch textile industry

The Dutch clothing and textiles industry is in transition. In recent years, trade associations Modint, INretail and VGT have worked on sustainable social, ecological and economic improvements. In July 2016, the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile was concluded for this purpose between the government, industrial organisations trade unions and nongovernmental organisations. Raw materials are an important subject of the agreement.
Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact significantly because this impact is large. By using new methods to extend the lifespan of textiles and turning discarded textiles into newly applicable fibres, we are working towards a circular economy. The Dutch Circular Textiles Platform seeks to promote this development by guiding all initiatives with a road map – and by organising the exchange of knowledge and experience.
This text is a summary of the Circular Textiles Road Map.