Making the Circular Economy Work

MiW Guidance
Making the Circular Economy Work
Guidance for regulators on enabling innovations for the circular economy (prevention and recycling of waste)

Make it Work initiative (MiW) and IMPEL, february 2019, 213 p.

A crucial element in the transition to the Circular Economy are the innovations at production and recycling facilities that aim at resource efficiency, the prevention of waste and the use of production residues or materials recovered from waste as secondary raw materials. A key condition for making these circular innovations work is to better connect policy, law and regulation on the ground. This guidance was developed to support regulators, policy- and law-makers and businesses in enabling and carrying through such innovations and rise to some of the commonly shared challenges.

The guidance was developed jointly by the Make it Work initiative (MiW), “Project Enabling eco-innovations for a circular economy” and the IMPEL “Waste management and Circular Economy Project”, except for the Practical Tools 1 and 2, which were developed by the IMPEL “Waste management and Circular Economy Project” only.